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"Great reading for vacation, especially for folks staying in or near Acadia National Park. Quick-paced and positive, in spite of some emotional plot twists. Nearly every reader will find a character or characters with whom he or she can relate. Loved this book, as well as other books authored by Grimm, particularly her well researched historical novels."

Marilyn Seguin, Author

Can the magic of a Maine island heal these broken hearts? A vacation cottage for rent, a strange request to fulfill, a mysterious host, and guests who come with burdened hearts seeking peace. Set in the beauty of Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island on the stunning coast of Maine.

Readers love The Guest Book!

“Such an enjoyable book, difficult to put it down, interesting and a great ending. Characters felt as if you knew them, such a comfortable book.” Arlene G.

“You will be drawn into this story, you will love each of the characters in this book and will find the book hard to put down. Each of the visitors to the guest house on the ” quiet side” of the island arrives with much baggage and often heartache. You will cry for them, cheer for them, and hope for a sequel. The author leaves your heart happy in the end. This is the perfect novel for the times we are living in because, through the unwinding stories, you will see that we all are somewhat the same. Perfect read for a book club discussion!” Marcia L.  

“I love it! Funny, real, happy, and uplifting all at once. Wonderfully wrapped up in the author’s entertaining writing style. Well done!” Jane W.  

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Intertwining stories, lives connecting, hearts mending.

Meet the Characters from The Guest Book:

Dominique: The impact of the crash woke her, panic clutching at her heart, squeezing her throat. She sat bolt upright in her bed, gasping for breath, eyes wide with horror. The early morning light touched the dark corners of the room, landed gently on the brightly colored quilt wrapped in confused contours around her legs. She looked around the room, trying to calm her night terrors. All was familiar and far from the horror she’d seen in her dreams. She felt the peace returning, creeping quietly like the mist over Seal Cove. She reached for her silk robe, soft peach, sliding its shimmering lightness over her back and arms, hiding the ugliness of the scars that would never fade. Much to be done, she reminded herself with gentle sternness. Folks are coming.

Courtney & Jeremy: She’s ready for a family. He’d rather play video games all day. Can this young couple learn to understand each other or are they destined for divorce?

David, Lily, & Violet: They suffered a tragic loss that’s tearing their family apart. Can they find healing in the gentle sun and crashing surf of Acadia?

Lorna: Her life’s path was certain. Raise her family, serve her community, take care of her husband, and finally retire. She plans the trip of a lifetime with her husband to celebrate his retirement. Instead, she shows up alone. Can she find herself again after years of caring for others more than herself?

Susan & Henry: Two not-so-young people who have been unlucky in love. They’ve learned to be content alone. Both damaged by difficult pasts, they wonder if it’s it too late for them to have love in their lives.

And what secrets does the tattered guest book at the vacation cottage hold for each of them?

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