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Powerful whispers of the Civil War...Phebe Beach was a firecracker, cheerful, fun, merry, saucy, teasing, willful and hilarious. And a most excellent writer, as well. And Caroline Grimm might as well be the 21st century Phebe Beach incarnate: she picks up the voice, the high spirits and the wit and attitude of her 19th century counterpart. The echoes of Phebe Beach's life, and the lilt and the haunt of her lively words, words burnished and extended by a sympatico writer of the 21st century, echo onward against the still reverberating din of those years.

Mike Corrigan, The Bridgton News

“I wish some great catastrophe would happen to somebody (not me, of course) so that I might have something of importance to set down in my journal. But, I suppose everyone’s journal (who is foolish enough to keep one) is made up of everyday incidents, mixed up with a startling love adventure now and then.”  Phebe F. Beach July 1, 1857

In 1857, Phebe Beach, a young woman from Bridgton, Maine was coming of age, beset by the constraints of a society that expected her to marry and become in her words “a stocking darner and a baby manufacturer.” She shared her frustrations in a diary she began writing that year. Her lively, lighthearted descriptions of annoying suitors, girlish rivalries, and social gatherings soon gave way to other more tragic happenings as the nation hurtled into civil war.

Based on a true story.


Wild Sweeps the Wind
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“There is something deliciously exciting about opening a drawer and finding a secret lost cache of ancient yellowed papers, carefully hoarded, treasured memories, a diary with old letters tucked between the leaves. We sit down, lift it out, and carefully turn the fragile, disintegrating pages, lost in someone else’s life. Caroline Grimm has given us all the opportunity to do just that.”
W M Wochna

“Caroline Grimm deftly brings her character and her voice vividly to life. This is no dusted-off diary, it’s a seamlessly threaded lifespan of adventures from start to end. Highly recommended as a way to spark a new interest in American History, or simply as an inspiration and a lovely escape.”
Joanne Masterson


Wild Sweeps the Wind
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