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Meet the Pets from the Magic of Acadia


What would a book series be without some wonderful pets to populate the pages. In the Magic of Acadia series, you can expect to meet some great dogs and cats. Here are some examples:

This is Butch. Butch and his human, Hank, handle maintenance and security at the Wicked Good Campground in Tranquility Bay, Maine. Butch is best friends with Spike down at the market. After a long walk on the beach, Butch likes to stop by the market where he is sure to get a good scritch between the ears, and maybe a nice beef bone. He’s a good, good boy. Butch turns up in the Magic of Acadia series for the first time in Confessions of the Naughty Nana due out in Spring 2021

Meet Zoe. She’s a calico cat who lives in an old estate house in Tranquility Bay, Maine, next door to Acadia National Park. Zoe lives with her beloved human, Dominique. She enjoys napping in the sun, exploring the garden, and using humans as furniture. She is an independent cat as most calicos are. She expects all due respect and adulation to be lavished on her at all times. Except for when she doesn’t want that. She’ll let you know.

Meet Spike. Spike spends his days at the Tranquility Bay Market, keeping an eye on the layabouts who play checkers there. He knows the chances of one of them dropping a bit of food are good. Especially when the conversations get animated. Spike lives upstairs over the store with store owner, Marty Andrews. Spike’s best friend is Butch, a loveable old pitbull who lives at the local campground. 

Meet Cappy. He’s a bit of a reprobate who loves the ladies. He makes his home at the Sea Captain’s house with his favorite lady, Cory Powers. He knows the secrets of the old house like no one else. He knows the secret passageways where the mice like to hide. He knows all about the ghost who haunts the house. You’ll meet Cappy in Confessions of the Naughty Nana (coming in Spring 2021), and again in Book 3 of the Magic of Acadia series.

This is Penny. She’s a dog who had a tough start in life, but she found her fur-ever home with Susan and Henry. She’s still unsure of herself, but she knows what she likes: walks, snuggles, and treats. She comes into the series at the end of The Guest Book (book #1) and she turns up anywhere in the series that Susan and Henry appear. She has an uneasy relationship with cats. She’s afraid of them. She and Dominique’s cat, Zoe, have learned to co-exist as neighbors. Penny just bows her head and lets Zoe rule the roost. It’s safer that way. Penny is beginning to get to know the other dogs in Tranquility Bay, but she’s shy so it takes her a little while.

In our ongoing expose of pets who appear in the Magic of Acadia series, today we celebrate Claws MacTavish. Claws was discovered one terrible rainy night by Butch, the security dog at Wicked Good Campground. Butch, although quite a brave dog, has one weakness. Cats. They scare the dickens out of him. Even tiny, bedraggled kittens like this one was. Claws MacTavish turns up in a future book in the Magic of Acadia series. 

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