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What if you walked away from your life?

If you’ve ever been tempted to sell everything you own and take to the open road in an RV, you’ll find kindred spirits here. Author Caroline Grimm and her husband, Mike Corthell did just that.

In 2018, Grimm was grieving and exhausted, and longing to find more time for what mattered. Together, the couple hatched a plan to leave behind a life that left them feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. They sold their house and most of their possessions, bought a travel trailer, and headed out to explore the country.

In Henry David Thoreau’s enduring classic Walden, he said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Sometimes the American Dream can feel more like a nightmare with crushing responsibilities, debt, and overwork. Grimm, a nearly lifelong student of Thoreau’s masterpiece, drew inspiration and courage from Thoreau’s enduring lessons from his time living in a one room cabin in the woods.

She insightfully strikes at the heart of the problems of modern life that leave so many feeling a sense of quiet desperation. And she offers encouragement to others looking to trade a life of “quiet desperation” for a life of “quiet inspiration.”
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